About the National Subcontractors Alliance

The National Subcontractors Alliance connects associations across the United States that share a common purpose, and provides a forum to exchange information and influence the national debate on construction issues.


To promote the exchange of information among member organizations and foster opportunities for industry representation on a national level. NSA member associations represent businesses in nearly every specialty trade, as well as suppliers and professional service providers to the subcontracting industry.


NSA membership is open to any local, regional or state association dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights and interests of specialty contractors in the construction industry.

What our members say…

  • NSA is the best and only networking tool in the tool box for Executives of subcontractor trade association.  No one has the market on good ideas that work, but together NSA and their members can and do make their associations the leaders in the construction industry for subcontractors and material suppliers.
  • Information about what other subcontractor organizations of a similar size and nature are doing to provide services for their members is extremely valuable to NESCA.  NSA has provided us a vehicle for learning and for obtaining good ideas from other NSA associations.  For example, several years ago we heard a report from the Chicago chapter about their “Meet the Estimators” event.  We gave it a try, and now three years later, it has become one of our most successful events.  This year, we had over 475 in attendance.”
  • Our combined numbers add legitimacy to our organization.  This helps us recruit members, and increases our influence with our legislators.  The forum we have gives us the opportunity to share our experience and expertise on a much larger scale than we have at the local level, and through the process of sharing, we raise our level of professionalism.
  • ASA Chicago is proud to be a member of the National Subcontractors Alliance (NSA). While being new to the Executive Director position, I am not new to knowledge of the NSA. I believe the value I will find lies in active participation. I look forward to participating in the exchange we have annually and building new relationships to further common goals. On behalf of ASA Chicago I intend to explore all potential opportunities available within the NSA network that would truly benefit me but also advance the association. I am anxious to learn how our continued membership with NSA will become valuable as ASA Chicago continues to evolve.
  • The value of NSA comes from the connection to other organizations with the same mission, members and activities, which gives us access to a wealth of shared knowledge and expertise.  NSA provides our Massachusetts chapter with a ready source of practical information on what works, what doesn’t and what’s worth trying, on virtually any aspect of association operations – and this has contributed greatly to our professionalism in serving the members.
  • The old adage of “you get out what you put in” really applies and if you’re wondering what NSA can do for you, stop wondering, jump in and get wet, the water’s great and there’s plenty of room!”