NSA welcomes any local, regional or state association that represents the interests of specialty contractors and their industry partners. Whether you are a staff executive of the association, or a volunteer leader, being part of the National Subcontractors Alliance lets you:

  • Connect with other construction industry and association leaders who can help you build your association and promote the business success of your members.
  • Build a network of trusted peers who share common goals and challenges.
  • Have a voice at the national level on important issues facing the construction industry.
  • Gain access to national speakers, policy discussions and best practices at annual NSA Conferences and mid-year meetings.
  • Stay on top of the latest news and developments from across the construction industry with the NSA’s exclusive publication, NSA Today, and legal alerts from the NSA Attorneys’ Council.

 Top Reasons to Be Member of NSA

  1. Connections
    • Through NSA, you connect with the most successful subcontractor associations in the nation that share your same goals and challenges, and you learn from their experiences.
    • You build relationships with association leaders that last throughout the year – giving you a “go to” resource for information and ideas to help build your organization.
  2. News & Information
    • Through Member-to-Member exchange, you get practical information on all aspects of association operations – including governance, membership, education, events, marketing, communication, advocacy and more.
    • Beneficial exchange continues throughout the year – in person at the Annual Spring Conference, and fall meetings of the Executive Directors and Attorney’s Council; through conference calls, one-on-one contacts and online channels; and through NSA’s official publication, NSA Today.   
    • Through NSA, you learn what works and what doesn’t, so you are primed for success. You get new ideas to try in your organization, AND the tools to implement them, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  3. Education
    • At NSA conferences, you hear experienced, national level speakers on topics directly relevant to association and business management; and you leave with proven “best practices” to apply in your own association/or and business.
    • At special meetings of the Executive Directors and Attorneys’ Council, you benefit from peer-to-peer learning at its best.
  4. Influence
    • The NSA Attorneys’ Council keeps members informed of important legislative and legal developments around the country so you are better equipped to support or oppose similar initiatives at the local level.
    • Through NSA, you learn about legislative successes in other states that aide in mounting successful legislative campaigns in your area.
    • Through NSA’s membership in the Associated Specialty Contractors and connection to other national industry associations, you have an opportunity to be heard on national industry issues.
  5. Fair Contracts – Consensus Docs
    • As one of the 40+ members of the ConsensusDOCS coalition, NSA plays a role in the development of model contract documents that are designed to be fair to all parties and achieve the best possible project outcome.
    • Through NSA’s endorsement of ConsensusDOCS, your members receive a 20% discount on any ConsensusDOCS purchase.
  6. Savings
    • Through NSA’s affiliation with Meridian One, your local members enjoy substantial savings on office products, computer equipment, conference call services, shipping and more.

Join NSA and start building your network today!

Get engaged in NSA, through the following Activities: 

Board of Directors

  • Represent your association on the NSA Board
  • Expand your industry knowledge
  • Develop leadership skills

Annual Spring Conference

  • Meet association leaders…Build relationships
  • Hear keynote speakers…Learn best practices
  • Exchange information…Get new ideas
  • Stay current on national issues and trends

Executive Directors Network

  • Enjoy mutual support – get practical ideas & tools
  • Take part in annual Fall Meeting for EDs only
  • Enhance professional skills

Attorneys Council

  • Participate in live meetings and conference calls
  • Share legal and legislative updates
  • Provide guidance & alerts to NSA
  • Gain knowledge at special CLE presentations

NSA Today Magazine

  • Learn what’s new and successful at other associations
  • Get ideas to try in your local association
  • Gain insight into national trends with local impact
  •                                                1800Members Programs
    • Enjoy savings on office products, computer equipment, shipping & more
    • Extend these savings to your local members as well
    • Learn more

Benefit from NSA’s Industry Partnerships: 

ConsensusDOCS Coalition

  • Through NSA, you have input in the development of ConsensusDOCS model contract documents, designed to be fair to all parties.
  • Your members enjoy 20% savings on all document purchases.
  • ConsensusDOCS is a suite of over 100 standard-form contract documents that have been developed by a coalition of 40+ leading associations representing general contractors, subcontractors and other industry stakeholders.  Designed as an alternative to the standard AIA forms, ConsensusDOCS are developed through a collaborative process to incorporate best industry practices, with the goal of being fair to all parties and achieving the best possible project outcome.
  • Learn more