Tom McIndoe’s Farewell Message As President of NSA

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~It is truly hard to believe how quickly two years has passed and that I am writing this outgoing message as I transition to immediate past president.  It was certainly a busy 2 years, which is probably why it passed in the blink of an eye.  What an incredible experience since my election as the President of the National Subcontractors Alliance (NSA).  Nonetheless time marches on and seasons change.

It takes a collective effort to make an association like ours viable, and I think it is only fair that special thanks go out to all the members.  Each of you has brought your own unique contributions which strengthens our group and makes us who we are.  Thank you to the Executive Committee whose willingness to take on issues and tackle problems allowed our association to experience the successes we have achieved.  To Lynne Black, who tirelessly served as the Executive Director and was always available for providing suggestions, direction, and counsel throughout my tenure.  We thank her for her many years of dedicated service as the Executive Director of our organization.  Thank you to all of you for your hard work.

As we continue forward, we will again be faced with change.  The only Executive Director the group has ever known is saying goodbye.  Fortunately, we have someone stepping up to the task who is more than able to maintain our growth and long-term success without missing a beat.  I would like to thank Lynne, for her many years of dedicated service as the Executive Director of our organization.

We have seen changes and certainly will see more in our organization.  As leadership changes so do the grass roots that were present from the beginning of NSA. It is impossible to duplicate them, and there is still much to do but members are invigorated, motivated and anxious to work with the ongoing leadership.  Going forward, it is clear to me that NSA will be in great hands under the leadership of President John Lloyd, and Vice President Scott Grimes.  John of the Minnesota Subcontractors Association (MSA) is dedicated to this association, and the subcontracting industry and nothing short of impressive.  I have no doubt that he and his team will be up to whatever challenges they face and will lead the association toward continued growth and prosperity during his tenure.

It has been my privilege to serve this dynamic association as President.  Thank you to all of you who made this task easier than I expected.  I thank you all – the members – for allowing me to serve you as president over the last 2 years.  It has been an honor, a joy and an experience that I will always cherish.  I have enjoyed it to the fullest.  I look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming NSA annual conference in Charlotte, NC in April 2020.